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More Than the Service and Quality

Dandong H&G Co., Ltd,was established on June 8, 2011,is located in China's coastline northernmost starting point, the heart of northeast Asia, Dandong, Liaoning province, is the northeast Asia economic circle and important junction of the Bohai Sea, the Yellow Sea economic circle, is one of the industry, business trade, port, logistics, tourism as the main body, coastal and border cities along the Yalu River, is a national key development zone, the national border open experimental zone, coastal open cities, ports, railways, highways, pipe port, airport 5 types of 10, 1 bilateral counter-trade trade area, is China's largest trade port city, a national franchise to the tourist city. It is the only city in Asia with border ports, airports, high-speed railways, river ports, seaports and expressways.

The company to the production and processing, sales, export all kinds of clothing textiles as the main line, firmly " More Than in the Service and Quality" business philosophy, the construction of a positive, unity and forge ahead of the enterprise culture, has a practical and dedicated professional team, committed to creating the Chinese clothing industry reputation brand.

Since the company since its establishment, by foreign trade clothing, professional clothing, the production of various kinds of high middle-grade casual wear, down jacket, cotton-padded jacket, ski suit, jacket, children's clothing, pants, etc. Products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and other countries. In the development, always adhere to the first-class management, first-class quality, first-class service concept, to win the support of the broad masses of customers and friends. With the support and active promotion of customers and through continuous learning and transformation, H&G Garment will expand its production scale in 2019 and continuously equip and improve various mechanical equipment, such as flat sewing machine, special machine and special equipment .At present, there are two factories, 12 production lines, factory buildings and dormitories with a total construction area of more than 11,000 square meters, an area of more than 20,000 square meters, 650 skilled technical workers, more than 50 management and business personnel, and an annual output of 1.5 million pieces. 

In early 2010, after the outbreak of COVID-19, Dandong H&G Co., Ltd was notified by the municipal commercial department about the urgent need of protective clothing in Liaoning province, and promptly organized product development, actively led the joint production of garment enterprises, effectively solved the capital and resource shortage of the enterprises in the initial period of production, and donated all the first batch of protective clothing to the municipal ministry of commerce, relieving the urgent need of the protective clothing shortage in Dandong.

With the support, coordination and assistance of leaders at all levels in Liaoning province, the company has continuously raised its own requirements, earnestly implemented the relevant documents and orders issued by the state council, and H&G brand medical disposable protective clothing has passed the national standard inspection of GB19082-2009, also obtained the CE certification of European Union products and the FDA certification of the United States.
Dandong H&G Co., Ltd plans to integrate resources and build a 100,000 level purification workshop in 2020, so as to make progress in difficulties and rise against the city, and become the leader of Dandong protective clothing production.

We will meet the requirements of domestic and foreign customers for product quality as the starting point, on the basis of superb technology, clothing production as the main body, to win-win cooperation as a bridge, and continue to improve product quality and service awareness.