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Dandong H&G Co., Ltd. was founded on June 8, 2016, located in the beautiful Yalu River bank, China's largest border city, the center of Northeast Asia, the only city in Asia with border ports, airports, high-speed rail, river ports, seaports and expressways.

The enterprise covers an area of 28 mu, the construction area of more than 30,000, the registered capital of 50 million yuan, the total assets of 270 million yuan. Business covers clothing production and processing and sales, import and export trade, self-owned brand medical equipment production and sales of three major sectors, with more than 40 production lines, more than 2,000 technical workers. It has an independent technology research and development center, equipped with production workshops that meet GMP standards and international first-class automated production equipment. The annual output of garment processing is more than 3 million pieces, and the annual output of protective clothing is more than 8 million pieces. The products are exported to Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

Dandong H&G Co., Ltd. has BSCI, WRAP and other international certifications in the field of garment processing, and passed the ISO 9001; ISO 13485; ISO14000; ISO4500 and other quality and environmental management system certification. The enterprise's own brand of epidemic prevention materials holds the "Medical Device Production license" issued by the market Supervision Bureau, and has obtained the EU product CE certification. During the epidemic period, H&G was a certified enterprise on the "white list" of epidemic prevention supplies exported by the Ministry of Commerce. In addition, the company has 22 apparel related research and development patents and 3 software Copyrights.

H&G has been awarded the title of "Advanced Collective of Liaoning Province in Fighting COVID-19" by Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and Liaoning Provincial People's Government, and is a national key manufacturer of epidemic prevention materials. Won the title of "National Textile industry Technical Expert" and "National industrial textile industry technical expert", leading enterprise of epidemic prevention materials production, provincial May Day Labor Award; Won the 2021 ten categories of textile innovative product enterprises, Liaoning Province textile and garment industry Top ten advantageous enterprises, 2022 Liaoning Province "specialized and special new" product enterprises, 2023 Liaoning Province Gazelle enterprises and other honors. H&G is also the vice president unit of Liaoning Foreign Trade Enterprise Association, the member unit of China Garment Association and the high-quality manufacturer enterprise. In 2022, it won the title of high-quality processing and manufacturing enterprise of Bosideng Foreign Trade Ministry, and reached a strategic partnership with Jihua 3502 Professional Clothing Co., LTD.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of "doing it with your heart, little by little, and satisfying customers", and creates a positive, united and forging ahead corporate culture. With a practical and hard-working professional technical team, we are committed to building a reputation brand in China's garment processing industry. Under the general trend of the Internet + era, the company has deeply implemented the innovation-driven strategy, vigorously promoted the construction of "Smart H&G, and committed to achieving flexible production. In the face of the impact of the epidemic, H&G bucked the trend, invested more than 50 million yuan in research and development, participated in the industrial Internet declaration of Dandong Industrial Information Organization, and joined hands with Huawei to take the lead in the pace of enterprise digital transformation.

In the future, H&G will continue to accelerate its evolution and upgrading, pursue excellent performance, and improve the modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics. To meet the requirements of domestic and foreign customers for product quality as a starting point, based on superb technology, to clothing wisdom as the main body, to win-win cooperation as a bridge, and constantly improve product quality and service awareness, for the further development of the company to lay a good foundation. H&G warmly look forward to working with all walks of life, sincere cooperation.