Social responsibility

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Social responsibility

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Haihegu's social mission and responsibility

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, companies in the apparel industry have actively responded to national deployments and calls. Starting from the interests of the country and the people, they have acted quickly with confidence, determination and courage. They have taken the lead, and have transformed their production lines with a high degree of national sentiment and industry responsibility. , Devote all efforts to the conversion of anti-epidemic materials such as protective clothing, isolation gowns and various masks. The management of the company made timely and accurate planning and made production deployments and arrangements against the clock. The employees took the initiative to return to the production line in advance and put into production day and night to provide the white-clothed angels and warriors in front of the people with protective materials for the new crown. The fight against the epidemic has made due efforts and contributions, reflecting the rapid response ability and responsibility of clothing companies in times of crisis.

On the evening of January 26, Liang Wei, general manager of Dandong H&G Co., Ltd., returned from a meeting with the Provincial Ministry of Commerce and returned to the company overnight to set up a protective clothing project headquarters, and applied for a change of business scope and production line transformation. With the vigorous help and coordination of relevant departments of the provinces and cities, through just a few days of hard work, we completed key tasks such as protective clothing raw materials, medical professional equipment and machinery, and transformed the original clothing processing workshop into an isolation clothing production workshop, which is Dandong The first batch of garment processing enterprises that filed the first-class medical device product filing and the production enterprise filing.

On March 1, Haihegu obtained the production qualification of the second-class medical protective clothing. The protective clothing currently produced has passed the first batch of random inspections. The Provincial Medical Device Inspection and Testing Institute passed the inspection and was issued by the Provincial Drug Administration and the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau. "Medical Device Production License". The medical disposable protective clothing and isolation gowns produced have been exported to Italy, Germany, India, the United States, Greece, Malaysia, Ecuador, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Russia, the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar and other countries.

In mid-April, with the assistance of city leaders, Haihegu carried out capacity expansion and transformation, established a 100,000-level aseptic purification workshop, passed the EU CE certification, and strictly followed national standards, established work procedures and procedures, and upgraded workers. Training is put into production more professionally. At present, Haihegu’s medical protective clothing project has become a national epidemic prevention guarantee enterprise, with 60,000 pieces of daily protective clothing and 100,000 pieces of isolation clothing. At present, the orders of these companies are very full, and the supply of products exceeds demand.

Although Haihegu is a temporarily converted enterprise and brand, it is the epitome of China's garment processing industry, shining with the responsibility of the national brand industry, and is a concentrated expression of the spirit of the Chinese garment industry in the new era. In the face of crisis, they stood up with the humanistic spirit of "no clothes, go with the child" and the unique temperament and pattern of the industry, stepped forward, dared to fight tough battles, shouldered the responsibility of the industry without hesitation, and contributed to the success of the fight against the epidemic. Basic security guarantees have accumulated potential energy and motivation for the development of the industry, and also demonstrated the potential and future of industrial innovation and development.

Epidemic is the order, prevention and control is the responsibility

Spring is warm until the

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