Social recruitment

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Social recruitment

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Recruitment number: 1 person  Salary and treatment: Negotiable
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for product sterility, microbiology, positive and physical and chemical experiments, etc.;
2. During the inspection process, it is necessary to strictly implement the relevant national operating standards, correctly process the experimental data, fill in the original records correctly, ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test results, and issue the corresponding test report in time.
3. The instruments and equipment must be used and maintained in strict accordance with the operating procedures to ensure the normal operation of various analytical laboratory instruments.
4. Responsible for completing various prescribed test items and temporarily arranged test items.
5. The laboratory should maintain a good sanitary condition. After the work is completed every day, the operation table and floor should be tidyed up and cleaned in time. Make the windows and windows clean and spotless.
6. Strictly abide by the company's confidentiality system. Do not leak the experimental data you have.

Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, major in medicine, biology, chemistry, etc., and be able to use various experimental instruments in the laboratory proficiently;
2. More than one year of laboratory experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry is preferred;
3. Familiar with laws, regulations and related knowledge related to medical devices;
4. Accept fresh graduates.
5. Work with a certificate

  ● Laboratory Technician

Recruitment number: 1 person  Salary and treatment: Negotiable
Job Responsibilities:
1. Familiar with GMP, organize production in accordance with GMP standards, and authorize the drafting of production instructions in accordance with relevant production GMP documents. Supervise and urge relevant departments and post personnel to implement relevant laws such as the "Pharmaceutical Production Quality Management Regulations", the "Medical Device Supervision and Administration Regulations", the "Drug Administration Law", the "Pharmaceutical Business Quality Management Regulations" and its appendices, and the "Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Drug Circulation" , Regulations;
2. Organize the formulation of quality management documents, and guide and supervise the implementation of the documents;
3. Responsible for the review of the qualification certificate of the supplier and its sales personnel;
4. Review the legality of purchased equipment raw materials;
5. Responsible for the acceptance of drugs, directing and supervising the quality management of equipment procurement, storage, display, sales, return, transportation and other links;
6. Instruct the storage and management of the equipment in the library, ensure the accurate stacking of the drugs in the library, and clear all kinds of signs, and regularly check whether the storage conditions of the drugs in the library meet the requirements;
7. Responsible for device quality inquiry and quality information management;
8. Responsible for the investigation, handling, reporting and recall of enterprise quality complaints and quality accidents;
9. Responsible for the confirmation and treatment of unqualified drugs;
10. Carry out equipment quality management and training;
11. Responsible for organizing the calibration and verification of measuring instruments.

Job requirements:
1. College degree or above, familiar with pharmaceutical knowledge, graduated from pharmacy, Chinese pharmacy related majors, and relevant work experience;
2. Have the qualification certificate of licensed pharmacist;
3. Familiar with drug management and GMP process;
4. Have teamwork and coordination skills.

  ● Drug Quality Manager

  ● After finishing workers

Recruitment number: 40 people  Education requirements: unlimited  Salary: Negotiable
Work description:
1. Buttonhole buttons, ironing, cleaning, inspection, folding and packing, etc.;
2. Follow the arrangement of the workshop supervisor and complete the production tasks on time and in quantity;
3. Carry out safe production operations according to process requirements;

Job requirements:
1. Over 18 years old;
2. Work experience in manufacturing enterprises is preferred;
3. Hard-working, responsible, team-conscious and able to complete temporary tasks assigned by the leader.