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The key to the rise and fall of a career lies in people

DANDONG H&G Co., Ltd gains a foothold in the market through competition step by step, relying on a large number of like-minded people who are not afraid of hardships and have the courage to take responsibility.
In the process of Haihegu's promotion of management reform and strategic transformation, countless people of Haihegu poured their wonderful years and passion into the clothing industry, which promoted the company's continuous development and growth, and also left their own life marks in the history of Haihegu. Among them, there are entrepreneurial models who have accompanied Haihegu from the crisis to today and have made outstanding contributions, and the company has selected in recent years the company's dedicated and self-conscious workers, and there are rooted and unknown moving figures. They are both Created a wealth of material value, but also created precious spiritual wealth.

The most beautiful frontline employees

In them, the shining points of the first-line employees of Haihe Valley are gathered, which embodies the achievements of the talent team construction of "improving the quality of life with service and quality" to shape and infect people. From the growth process and stories of these most beautiful front-line employees, let us find the touch of ordinary positions, learn from each other in the touch, and better invest in the practice of Haihegu's transformation and expansion.