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Disposable Protective Hooded Coverall

Disposable isolation gown

Name: Disposable Protective Hooded Coverall
Size: 160 XS 165 S 170 M 175 L 180 XL 185 XXL 
Materials: Polypropylene non-woven fabric with sealable strips of polyurethane hot-melt non-woven fabric; one piece coverall with hood; elastic  cuffs, ankle, waist and front-sealed hood.
Standards: Product meets the requirements of  GB 19082-2009,and conforms to CE standards for Personal  Protective  Equipment. 

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Contraindications/ Warnings/Note:
1、For single use only. Do not use it repeatedly.
2、Before use, read instructions and dress correctly.
3、Before use, check package,production date and expiry date .
4、After use, do not discard casually. Dispose in accordance with local regulations .
5、Do not use if damaged .
6、If allergic to non-woven fabrics or having any heart disease concerns, ask your doctor for advice before use.

Name : Disposable lsolation gown
Recommended Industry : Can be used in outpatients, wards, inspection rooms, laboratories, medical operating rooms, etc. lsolated

the virus effectively


Maintenance Method:Disposable use.
• Avoid direct sunlight;
• Store in cool & dry and non-corrosive gas location;
• Keep away from fire and explosives hazards;
• Avoid moisture and keep product transportation with sealed packaging .
Sterilization MethodEthylene Oxide.
Packaging: 1pcs/bag , 40 units/pack.


Feature : High protection, liquid is difficult to penetrate, Strong sealing performance; cotton knitted cuffs, elastic and comfortable; breathable material anti-sweat.
Product Style : Knitted cuffs/Elastic cuffs, tie at the neckline, tie at the waist.
Color : Blue
Material : 25-45gSMS, SMMS non-woven fabric.